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Police Clearance Certificate

Stolen and Vehicles a must be presented to the SAPS to obtain a Police Clearance and remove the stolen notification on all the relevant Data Bases.

1. What will happen if I do not obtain a Police Clearance after my vehicle was Stolen and Recovered.

 • The driver runs the risk to be arrested for driving a stolen vehicle.

 • No vehicle transactions like license renewal and/or change of ownership can be done.

2. Where must the Police Clearance be done?

 There are designated Police Departments who does the Police Clearance. Your police Clearance must be done where your vehicle is registered for example:

 • Pretoria: if you live in Pretoria, Cullinan, Rayton and Bronkhorspruit areas.

 • Centurion: If you live in the Centurion area. ( Midstream does not fall under Centurion)

 • Langlaagte: if you live in Midrand and Johannesburg - excludes Roodepoort and Bedfordview

 • Benoni: If you live in Edenvale, Kemptonpark, Alberton, Boksburg, Germiston, Benoni, Springs and Brakpan.

 • Lenasia: If you you live in Randfontein, Krugersdorp, lenasia and Soweto.

 • Vereniging: if you live in vereniging and Vanderbijlpark.

3. What documents do you need for us to do a police Clearance for a Stolen recovered vehicle on your behalf.

 3.1. Private individual: Scan and email documents to us.

Originals must be supplied with vehicle.

 3.1.1. The owner must contact the investigating offer to remove the stolen mark and indicate vehicle as recovered

on the computer system.

 3.1.2  Download and complete the client sheet.

 3.1.3. Download and complete the avadavat to authorise us to do a police clearance on your behalf.

 3.1.4. Original Registration Certificate also known as Log Book

         • If the vehicle is financed obtain a copy of the Log Book from the Financial Institution. This copy must be

scanned and not faxed and must carry the bank stamp.

 3.1.5. Owners ID ( very clear copy we will certify)

          • If a Non-South African a copy of the Passport and Traffic Register.

 3.1.6. Proof of address not older than 3 months.

 3.1.7. Data Dot Certificate.

 3.1.8. Contact the investigating officer to remove the stolen mark from the system and obtain recovery form SAPS ??

          from the investigating officer.

 3.1.8 The vehicle license must be up to date.

 3.2. Business: Documents as above with the following changes:

 3.2.1. Affidavit: Must be signed and completed by a authorised person or the proxy of the organisation.

 3.2.2. If the avadavat is signed by somebody else than the proxy both the proxy and the person whom signed the avadavat must be included.

 3.2.2. Proxy ID (Very clear copy we will certify)

        • If a Non-South African a copy of the passport and Traffic Register.

        • If the proxy and the person signing the avadavat is two different people also supply copy of that persons ID

 3.2.3. BRN Certificate (Very Clear Copy without stamps and blemishes.)(This is the certificate issued by the Licensing Department to Businesses/trusts etc          to register vehicles in their name.)

4. Process.

 4.1. Scan and email all documents to us at ( No faxes) - We will collect originals when we collect the vehicle.

 4.2. We will prepare documents.

 4.3. We will obtain a Request for police Clearance (RPC) at the relevant licensing department.

 4.4. On the morning of the appointment we will collect the vehicle at about 6:30 and return it between 13:00 AND 16:00 with the clearance certificate.

5. Fees and Cost: All Payments in Cash or  EFT with collection of vehicle: Banking details on client sheet:

5.1 Pretoria/Centurion: Done in Centurion or Watloo.

       • Obtaining RPC included in Police Clearance Fee.

       • Data Dot if necessary R 850

       • Police Clearance R 995

5.2. Johannesburg, Sandton, Randburg excluding Roodepoort: Done in Langlaagte.

       • Obtaining RPC included in Police Clearance Fee.

       • Data Dot if necessary R 850

       • Police Clearance R 995

5.3. Edenvale, Bedfordview, Boksburg, Kemptonpark Benoni and Brakpan:  Done in Benoni

      • Obtaining RPC R 895

      • Data Dot if necessary R 850

      • Police Clearance R 1250

5.4. Roodepoort done at Lenz

• Obtaining RPC R 895

         • Data Dot if necessary R 850

         • Police Clearance R 1250

5.5. Other areas are only done on special arrangement.

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Fees and Cost

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Lead times are based on our experience in 85% plus of our applications but cannot be guaranteed