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Documents needed  for us to do a police Clearance for Permanent Export or SARPCO clearance of vehicle on your behalf. Scan all documents beforehand / Originals will be collected with vehicle.

 1. All vehicles in private individuals or business names.

     •  Client Sheet.

     • Original Registration Certificate / Log Book / RC1

     • Data Dot Certificate.

     • Vehicle must have a valid license.

     • If the vehicle is not registered into the applicant for police Clearance name, a original proof of purchase must be supplied. NB!! It is easier and we prefer to do the export in the present owners name if the purchaser has not registered the vehicle in his/her name.

 2. Appointment of VCASSA Vehicle Clearance and Administration Solutions SA to obtain Police Clearance.

     2.1. Private individuals : Download, complete and sign.

     2.2. Businesses : Download, Copy and paste on a letterhead            and Sign.

 3. Sworn Avadavat to be handed in at SAPS authorising us.

    3.1. Avadavat specifically for Pretoria/ Tswane: Affidavits must be done at the SAPS. Very important download and complete as per example at SAPS.The avadavat must  be handwritten and not typed.

    3.1.1. Example for a individual.

    3.1.2  Example for a business.

    3.1.3. Required format and form to use.

   3.2. Avadavat for all other areas expect Tswane / Pretoria

   3.2.1  Individual: If he owner of the vehicle is a private individual               in all centres Exept Tswane. ( Download, Complete and                scan back to us)

   3.2.2  Business: If he owner of the vehicle is a business in all               centres Except Tswane. ( Download. Complete and scan                back to us)

4. Owners Identification :

      4.1. If done for  Pretoria copies must certified at SAPS.

      4.2. If owner is a Private individual:

              • Copy of  South African with a ID book or card. ( very clear                  copy with  no stamps or blemishes we will certify except                  Pretoria to be certified at SAPS)

              •  If a Non-South African a copy of the passport and Traffic                 Register.

      4.3. If the owner is a Business Entity:

              • BRN Certificate (Very clear copy without stamps or                   blemishes)(This is the certificate issued by the Licensing                   Department to Businesses/trusts etc to                 register vehicles in their name.)

              • Proxy ID (Very clear copy we will certify - except Pretoria)

              • If a Non-South African a copy of the passport and Traffic                 Register.

              • If the proxy and the person signing the avadavat is two                 different people also supply copy of that persons ID

5. Proof of address not older than 3 months.

       5.1. Accepted documents for proof of address.

                • Utility Bill.

                • Recurring bills like cell phone accounts.

                • Tel com accounts

                • Credit card accounts

        5.2. Documents not accepted.

                • Once off accounts like doters accounts.

                • E-toll statements.

                • License renewal notices.

Process to obtain clearance .

 • Scan and email all documents to us ( No faxes) - We will collect originals when we collect the vehicle.

 • We will;

    •• Prepare documents.

    •• Obtain a Request for police Clearance ( RPC ) at the         relevant licensing department.

    •• Mark the vehicle for export and stop any further         license fees and transactions.

 • On the morning of the appointment we will collect the         vehicle at about 6:30 and return it between 13:00         AND 16:00 with the clearance certificate.

 • The Export Clearance will be delivered in most      instances within 2 work days.

 • On completion we can apply for a export clearance on     your behalf

Download and Email us the Vehicle Export and General Police Clearance information Request.

Email to:


Vehicle Police Clearance is required when a vehicle is exported from South Africa. Depending on the country exported to it will be called a Export vehicle Clearance or a SARPCO Clearance. This can be a time consuming

VCASSA Vehicle Clearance and Administration Solutions SA is subcontracted to do All DGSA Vehicle Police Clearance Certificates and will bill clients direct.

Email VCASSA Direct at vehicleclearancesolutions@gmail.com or call us for information package with all forms, Terms and Conditions and Fees or visit their website at Vehiclepoliceclearance.co.za

SARPCO Countries

The exact same process is followed and documents needed for SARPCO countries - the export clearance document differs from the one to other countries.

 • Angola, Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi.

 • Mozambique

 • Namibia

 • South Africa

 • Swaziland

 • Zambia

 • Zimbabwe

Where must the Police Clearance be done?

 There are designated Police Departments who does the Police Clearance. Your police Clearance must be done where your vehicle is registered for example:

 • Pretoria: if you live in Pretoria, Cullinan, Rayton and Bronkhorspruit areas.

 • Centurion: If you live in the Centurion area. ( Midstream does not fall under Centurion)

 • Langlaagte: if you live in Midrand and Johannesburg - excludes Roodepoort and Bedfordview

 • Benoni: If you live in Edenvale, Kemptonpark, Alberton, Boksburg, Germiston, Benoni, Springs and    Brakpan.

 • Lenasia: If you you live in Randfontein, Krugersdorp, lenasia and Soweto.

 • Vereniging: if you live in Vereniging and Vanderbijlpark.