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Head Office Address and Contact Details

09:00 to 15:00 Week days  012 6709010 or 012 6709022


Criminal Record Expungement

Criminal Record Expungement

Vehicle Police Clearance

Permanent Export


Export Permit

Cross Border Visit

Stolen Recovered

Engine Change

• Introduction/ Build Up/Import

Export Permit

Export Permit from DTI

• Registration as Exporter at DTI

• Registration as Exporter at SARS

Terms and Conditions

Steps to Follow to Obtain a South African Police Clearance Certificate

Step 1.

Obtain Fingerprints

If you are INSIDE South Africa

If you are OUTSIDE of South Africa

You got 3 choices

Go to your nearest Police Station during week days and office hours.

Visit our offices and let one of our finger print takers take your fingerprints at a fee.

Let us visit your  offices or home and let one of our finger print takers take your fingerprints at a fee.

Download and complete the following documents.

Client Sheet

•  Application for Police Clearance

Depending on your host country there are 3 alternatives to obtain fingerprints.

• Your local Police

• Certified finger print taker

• South African Embassy

If not one of the options are available like in China you can go to:

• Attorney

• School principal

• Commanding Officer

• Ship Captain

If fingerprint forms are not available you can down load the finger print forms:

SAPS forms


GMTM Forms

Make Good Quality Copies of:

• Your passport or ID

•  If you want the Police Clearance in both your married and maiden name a copy of your marriage certificate.

Scan and email the following to

• Client Sheet

• Application for Police Clearance

• Fingerprints

• If you paid R 114 at the Police Station the receipt.

• ID or Passport

• Attestation Instructions

• Marriage Certificate if applicable.

• Any special Instructions

Step 2

Download and Complete

Step 3

Additional Documents

Step 4

Email To Us

Step 5

We Will

• Prepare and Lodge the Application

• Invoice you

• Follow up on the issue of the certificate

• Courier the original to you.

Lead Time

• Normal 15 to 20 work days

• Expedited 5 to 7 work days

Complete Application Instruction