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South African Police Clearance Certificate

Process and documents needed to obtain a South African Police Clearance Certificate.

What u must do.

 • Obtain a full set of fingerprints  from:

   - The South  African Police Service if you are in South Africa.

   - If you are outside of South Africa your local Police or a

     Certified fingerprint taker.

 • Make a good quality copy of you ID or passport

( It does not need to be certified).

 • Download the following forms from our website:

    •• Client sheet ( Only one per family or group of applications)

    •• Application for Police Clearance ( One for each applicant)

    •• Fingerprint Form SAPS when necessary

    •• GMTM Fingerprint Form

 • Courier or deliver the set of documents to:

   GMTM Consultants

   57 Swarthout Street




   South Africa


Cost and Fees:  

 • Police Clearance fee excluding SAPS fingerprint fee of R 114 = R 775 (Lead Time 15 to 20 work days).

 • Police Clearance fee including SAPS fingerprint fee of R 114 = R 889 (Lead    Time 15 to 20 work days).    For the month of August 2018 this fee will be carried    by GMTM Consultants.

 • Expedited Police Clearance Certificate R 3495 per application (Deposit R 2497    and Balance if obtained    in 5 work days. – this excludes clients with prior    convictions)

 • Second Copy R 450 per copy.

 • Courier fee door to door in South Africa by our preferred courier’s  R 150.

 • Courier fee door to door International by our preferred courier’s R 675

 • Additional Fees:

** Payment by Credit Card 6% of fee.

** Forex fees if payment is from outside South Africa R 325 per payment.

What happens when we receive your application for Police Clearance?

 • On receipt of the application for a Police Clearance Certificate we will lodge the application at the Criminal    Record     Centre of the South African Police  Service in Pretoria for processing. The application is handed    in by a GMTM staff  member.

 • We visit the CRC on a daily basis to lodge, collect and follow up on the issue of Police Clearance    Certificates.

 • On issue of the Police Clearance certificate one of our staff collects it over the counter.

 • The certificate is checked for correctness, scanned to the client and then courier ed.

   Lead times: How Long does the issue of the certificate take.

What is the lead ( issue time)? - Contact us for Expedited Police Clearance Certificates

 • There is a minimum lead time of about 15 working days. About 85% of the applications are finalised between 15 and 20 working days.

 • If the applicant has a prior conviction, irrespective of the severity and time elapsed, add between 15 and 30 working days to the lead time.

 • Very important !!! Lead times are estimates and not guaranteed.

Can the issue time be shortened or expedited?

 Under special circumstances application can be done to expedite. Contact us for requirements and fees.

 Can you track the progress on your certificate?

Yes after about 6 working days from the day we have received the application you can track the application on the SAPS website here.

  • Your certificate is usually ready for courier or collection after the 3rd working day it shows finalised on the system.

When is payment due?

  Although we mostly lodge applications on receipt to save time no follow ups will be  done before payment has been received and the lead time also only commences  then.

When do we courier or release the certificate?

When the certificate is ready, the courier address with contact no has been confirmed and payment reflects in our bank account.


Information Package and Courier and

Contact Details

Cost and Fees

Lead Time for Police ClearCertificates.

 • Normal Lead Time 15 to 20 work days

• Expedited lead Time 5 to 7 work days.

Contact us for details

Where to get finger prints when you are outside South Africa.

Submitting Applications Electronically

Ask us how - Do not Courier

Criminal Record Expungement

Where to get finger prints when you are inside South Africa.

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Lead Time for Police ClearCertificates.

• Expedited lead Time 5 to 7 work days.

Contact us for details

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