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Process to apply for Expungement of a Criminal Record.

 • Obtain Police Clearance Certificate that shows conviction.

 •  Follow instructions

 • Complete and Courier application with application for Police

    Clearance to us.

 • We will lodge application for police Clearance.

 •  On receipt of police Clearance we will lodge application for      at the Department of Justice.

  • We will supply you with a proof of lodge and contact details.

  • You follow up with Department of justice.

  • On notification of Expungement we will apply for a final police clearance which will show     your record cleared.

Lead Time forCriminal Record Expungement.

 • 2 to 6 months depending on Option

We can save you the hassle by arranging collection of your fingerprints inside and outside of South Africa.

Download Application for Collection here.

Under which circumstances can a criminal record be expunged ?

 • Ten (10) Years has lapsed after the date of the conviction for that offence.

 • If The person has not been convicted of any other offence and sentenced to a period of  imprisonment without the option of a fine during those 10 years.

• When the sentence was imprisonment with the option to pay a fine (not more thanR 20 000) instead of serving the period of imprisonment.

 • If the fine imposed did not exceed R 20,000

 • Was not convicted of a sexual offence against a child or a person who is mentally disabled, and  whose name is not  included in the National Register for Sex Offenders.

 • Was not found unsuitable to work with children by a criminal court and my name is not    Included in the National Child Protection Register.

 • Was convicted on the base of race

 • He or she was convicted of a offence which would not be regarded as a offence in a open and   democratic society based on human dignity equality and freedom under the    democratic constitutional dispensation.

• When the sentence was corporal punishment.

• When the sentence was postponed, or the person was cautioned and discharged.

• When the sentence of imprisonment was suspended wholly.

• When the sentence was correctional supervision in terms of section 276(1)(h) of the  Act.

• When the sentence was imprisonment in terms of section 276(1)(i) of the Act.

• When the sentence was periodical imprisonment in term of section 276(1)(c) of the   Act.

• When proof is provided that a person’s name has been removed from the National Register of Sex Offenders or the National Child Protection Register, if relevant.

You received a sentence where you were either imprisoned from Friday 18:00 to Sunday   18:00, or a community-based sentence.

  • You were sentenced to the following sentence:

    ••Minor crimes – for which there were minor charges.

    •• Politically motivated crimes; these are crimes where there is “political or ideological intention or motivation to cause harm”.

    •• Your conviction was based on your race.

    •• You were convicted of an offence which would democratically be considered as a        minor or no offence.


• His or her name is included in the National Register for Sex Offenders or the National Child Protection Register.

• Confirmation stating that your name has been removed from the National Register for Sex Offences or the National Child Protection Register if your name has been included in any of these registers.


Information and documents needed for Expungement of a Criminal Record

 • Follow procedure to obtain Police Clearance Certificate ( Obtain 2 sets of  fingerprints) and apply for    Police Clearance.

 • Download and Complete Expungement Application

 • Download and complete Client sheet and appointment.

Complete and Email us this Service inquiry for details.

Expungement  or Removal of a Criminal Criminal Record in terms of the Criminal Procedure Act, 1977 (Act 51 of 1997)   means that the record  is sealed and the details are not revealed  in for example a “Police Clearance certificate”. It is a procedure which results in the lawful clearance and removal of a criminal record on an individual’s record from the National Criminal Register.